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The cause of terrorism

Tom Moore says: "I agree with Gordon Jackson. Iraq is not threatening us, but terrorists are. However, the problem is not just Israel. Osama bin Laden made the point that we became the enemy when we put troops into the sacred area of Mecca and Medina, i.e. Saudi Arabia. Prior to the Gulf war he was not leading a fight against us, but after we began to install troops in Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia, he established a terrorist network and brought on 9/11. Since then we have put troops into more Islamic countries and generated more hatred. If we simply pulled our troops out of the Middle East, and while we are about it, Germany, Japan, and with South Korea's OK, that country, we could reduce a great deal the hostility against America. We probably would not totally eliminate terrorism, but we could reduce it significantly. Of course if we had a more balanced approach to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict we could reduce it even further". RH: Most American troops in the Middle East are close to the Persian Gulf. There are no US troops in Mecca or Medina. The attitude of the local populations is a mixture of dislike of occupation forces and appreciation of the benefits, mostly economic, which their presence brings.

Ronald Hilton - 3/9/03