The Truth About 9/11

Christopher Jones cited the Glasgow Herald, which charged that Israelis were involved in the 9/11 attack. He refused to believe the denial by ABC News. Randy Black comments: "Christopher Jones cannot trust ABC as a news source because the CEO of the parent company is a Jew. Is that about right? Yet he would rather trust the credibility of a relatively small Scottish newspaper (circ. 50,000) that has only been publishing for about five years. Claiming that any news source as “reliable” as one’s reason for believing that publication seems a bit of an overkill, since Mr. Jones is at the same time, by inference, stating that “you cannot trust ABC because the CEO is a Jew.”


Finally, your trusted news source, FOX News, the link to the site that you stated offered support for your position says this: There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks…."

Christopher Jones replies to Randy Black about "who runs the US and just how low the esteem of the US has fallen in the world thanks to people like Michael Eisner, who is the highest paid executive in human history and president of the Walt Disney Corporation that owns ABC TV. Eisner has been overtly challenged by the nephew of the founder (Roy E Disney) in a share holder's revolt for the shabby, bigoted, petty and unprofessional way that he has managed the company Disney's uncle and father founded. Now Eisner is in the process of destroying the company in cahoots with former Senator George Mitchell out of pure spite and because he hates everything Walt Disney stood for. Eisner is well known for leaning on any reporter who dares criticize him or the policies he pursues, including physical intimidation. A case in point is the suit regarding the ownership/copyright of the "Winnie the Pooh" characters as reported by the New York Post. It was confirmed that Eisner shouted and screamed at Rupert Murdoch on several occasions well overheard by others, demanding that he fire the reporter in question. He then threatened consequences if this was not done. This behavior makes Eisner not suited to run the Walt Disney Corp nor ABC News. Consequently, ABC is not a valid news source, and yes I prefer the valiant Glasgow Herald. (If Eigg Island had a local paper I would prefer that too.)

Mr Black does not understand the complicity of his hero, "Dubya" in the Zionist/Big Oil/Big Media hijacking of US foreign policy to serve the interests of Israel and not the US. Finally for the record, yes, Mr Black, "Big Media" is controlled by Big Jews. Finally, the posting by Steve Margulies notes that the offending broadcast had been yanked. It doesn't surprise me in the least that it has beeen replaced with such an innocuous statement. Frankly I would have been surprised if it hadn't".

Ronald Hilton -