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US: The London visit of President Bush; 'Shoot-to-kill' demand by U.S.

Speaking of the visit of President Bush to London, I said: " I am concerned that the reports I have read make no mention of George's bagpipes. I understand that they are very effective against rabies and terrorists".

George comments: "I have never taken my pipes to Texas, but I have played them in Serbia. The Serbs all took cover under the table thinking that war had broken out. Might I get a similar reaction in Bush's home State?

Dogs, whether rabid or not, enjoy the instrument. If I hold a note long enough, they will sing/howl along with it".

If you played your bagpipes in Texas, you would be jailed as a terrorist. If you played them in jail, the inmates would complain of cruel and unusual punishment.

Ronald Hilton - 11.16.03