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US: The London visit of President Bush; 'Shoot-to-kill' demand by U.S.

Regarding the upcoming state visit of President Bush to London. I wrote:

"Again I wonder if these state affairs, including much-publicized meetings of heads of state and government, are worth all the trouble. Whose idea was the state visit of President Bush to London?". I suggested it was arranged by the president's PR people.

From the UK, John Heelan comments: "The visit brings no local political advantage to Blair. If anything Bush's visit will exacerbate the problems the PM has countering allegations of lying over the Iraq War at the time when he is ducking and diving and awaiting the outcome of the Hutton Inquiry".

This confirms my belief that the idea was not Blair's, and certainly the Queen would not take the initiative. Perhaps is was planned as a show of force by the government neo-cons. It is literally showing the flag, since the American flag is prominently displayed all over London. I wonder if the French ambassador will be invited to the state dinn

Ronald Hilton - 11.16.03