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USS Liberty

Ed Jajko comments: "The "Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty, the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft while the Ship was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-up by the United States Government Washington, D.C. October 22, 2003" speak for themselves.

The facts, and new evidence that has come to light, are stated clearly and impressively. What is most interesting about this "Independent Commission of Inquiry" is its members. These are not weirdos, not people on the fringe, but impressive men of accomplishment who have contributed to their country; a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a former assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, a former head of the Naval Judge Advocate General Corps, and a former ambassador.

Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the JCS, has long been an advocate of the USS Liberty survivors. He has publicly held, for years, that the attack was deliberate, that there was a cover-up, and that the attack should be fully investigated. RADM Staring is an interesting figure. He was the head of the navy's JAG office in London in 1967, with jurisdiction over the US Navy's court of inquiry run by Adm. Isaac Kidd. He signed off on the findings of the court of inquiry, but now repudiates his own action. But I think that in the long run their petition to the Navy and to Congress, to hold true and formal inquiries into the attack on the Liberty, will go unheeded, since they are calling on people to commit acts of political courage"

Ronald Hilton - 11.05.03