US and International Law

Robert Whealey writes: The US has ratified the UN Charter,and the Nurnberg Trials have significance in international law. The Kellogg Briand Pact has indeed expired but it reflects an earlier respect for law which Americans had in 1928. It would be more accurate to say that from George Washington to the 196Os the State Department's legal advisor had a great deal of respect for international law. Even Eisenhower respected International Law and the Law of Nations to some extent.  The State Department's dealing with the Soviet Union from 1933 to 1991 was quite legalistic.

After the Indochina campaigns and Israel's conquest of the West bank, in 1967 the US has become A major violator of international law.  This is why, besides Britain, the EU, Russia and most Muslim states are distancing themselves from the US.  Iranians are searching the treaties to discover international law. Since 1948, it has been the small states, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, etc now joined by Iran, which have been most meticulous about  international law. Before 1941 the US was a stickler for the law against the then number one power, Great Britain.

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