Mention of Cheney Daughter

Edgar Knowlton writes:: In the vice-presidential debate and a later presidential one the Democratic  candidates mentioned positively the Cheney family, that is,  the daughter of the Vice-President. Edwards's comment was acknowledged with thanks for his kind words by Cheney, but Kerry's positive reference was fuel for anger of Chenry as a wrathful father and called up the description of Kerry as a 'bad man.' Edwards may have elicited  thanks that were intended as sarcasm but Cheney's undemonstrative delivery made the tone unclear. Kerry may have thought the Vice-president amenable to praise on  this score, but Cheney may subsequently have been influnced  by others to shift his view. In any case, it is a puzzling case. Not all commentators seem to be aware that Kerry was following the lead of  Edwards. Do you or any members of WAIS have  a solution? I think Edwards and Kerry meant to be positive and friendly. But Cheney is inscrutable. Can he want to 'have it both ways,' to use the reiterated Bush phrase? It would not be surprising.

RH: Reading the minds of the three men is difficult. Perhaps Edwards and Kerry were just being polite, while calling attention to something which goes against Bush's values.  It is the old problem of reading between the lines. 

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