US Troops abroad

Randy Black writes: While it may pain Christopher Jones that the US maintains a relatively small force of 8,500 in Afghanistan (about the student population of Southern Methodist University), as compared to the 5,000 UN troops there, don’t worry Mr. Jones. The US has maintained more than 100,000 troops in Western Europe for more than 60 years and we’re still afloat, the sun still comes up and the bottom has not dropped out. By the time that the US finishes moving forces out of Germany which obviously can defend itself in 2004 and does not need that entire 70,000 contingent that’s kept the German economy subsidized for half a century, things will even out. The same is true of the hundreds of thousands of US forces in Japan, Korea, and elsewhere. To what end we’ve maintained so many in those many nations, more than a decade after the collapse of the Cold War, I have no clue. The US has run budget deficits throughout my entire life, including the so-called Clinton ‘surplus’ years which is of course a bogus claim. I am not sure how the Clintons and the media come up with the bogus budget surplus claims since the facts show that the national debt increased each and every year of Clinton’s regime.

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last updated: November 24, 2004