Comparing Bush and Kerry on Nuclear Proliferation

David Krieger sends an article. "Comparing Bush and Kerry on Nuclear Proliferation Policies, from which here is an excerpt.  For the full text,
Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Examining the Policies of Bush and Kerry by David Krieger
 President Bush and Senator Kerry agree that nuclear proliferation is the top national security threat facing the United States.  Given this agreement, it is worth examining the solutions each candidate is offering to solve the problem. The issue of Russian “loose nukes” has been at the forefront of the non-proliferation agenda since the end of the Cold War.  A January 2001 Report Card on the Department of Energy’s Nonproliferation Programs with Russia concluded: “The most urgent, unmet national security threat to the United States today is the danger that weapons of mass destruction of weapons-usable material in Russia could be stolen and sold to terrorists or hostile nation states and used against American troops abroad or citizens at home.”  This bipartisan report called for the US to develop and implement a ten-year $30 billion plan to bring Russian nuclear weapons and materials under control.  The Bush administration has been spending at a rate of less than half this amount and has made little progress.  Senator Kerry calls for completing the task in a four-year period.

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