Election Fraud and End of Civilization

From Moscow, Cameron Sawyer muses on the recent presidential elections: In one case in Ohio, an NAACP official was arrested for paying for fraudulent voter registration cards with crack cocaine:

Voter Registration Cards for Crack:

The man accused arrived at the Defiance Municipal Court with his girlfriend and his defense attorney. The Defiance man accused of faking voter registration cards in exchange for crack cocaine was in court this morning. He's accused of filling out more than 100 registration cards. The 22-year-old Chad Staton faces a fifth-degree felony charge for completing false voter registration cards. In the courtroom, Staton signed documents agreeing to waive his rights to a preliminary hearing. His case now goes to the Defiance Common Pleas Court. If convicted, he could spend a year in prison. Investigators say Staton forged more than 100 registration cards and then gave them to a Toledo woman in exchange for crack cocaine.

Staton's attorney tells 13 action news that the woman misled the young man into believing he was doing nothing wrong. Staton did not wish to comment on camera, but his attorney tells us that he's cooperating with authorities and that he's overwhelmed with the national attention this case has received.

In one Ohio county, as of 1 October, the number of registered voters exceeds the number of people over 18 and new registration cards were still coming in at the rate of 8,000 per day:


In the same country, hundreds of criminal cases of voter fraud are being reviewed http://www.10tv.com/Global/story.asp?S=2458796.

One particularly egregious organization, "ACORN", systematically registers convicted felons and illegal aliens, and pays workers by the piece for new registrations, with the results one might expect:


Democracy will never work without a minimal ethos of fair play.  When some people call for the assassination of a leader they don't like, when other people are ready to stuff ballot boxes to ensure an election result they like, we have already slipped below the minimum level of civilization needed to maintain democracy.  From there it is just one more step to the situation in Belarus -- where the president can be elected for life, and when the state becomes a private fiefdom dedicated to the enrichment of a small group of people in power.

RH: These dismal facts should have been given more publicity.  Given this sad record, how can we cite  our example to impose democracy on countries like Iraq?  Cameron is in complete agreement with Coudenhove´Kalergi, to whom we devoted a posting.


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