US Geopolitical Strategy for Oil and Gas

Istvan Simon disagrees with John Heelan on China and oil: China is growing at 9% a year and it is likely to do so for many years to come. I just came back from China and can tell you that I am absolutely sure that China will become the next major superpower in the world, and I am all for it. No problem with that at all, and it will be a good thing rather than a bad thing. (By the way, George  W. Bush is quite popular in China, and that is 20% of the world's population right there... But most of all  the Chinese love Americans and vice-versa, most Americans who go to China love China and the Chinese.)

Now about Energy. Oil will cease to be important for Energy within 30  years, and probably in much less. So everything that you wrote about energy and oil is just wrong. The new economy, the economy of the 21-st Century and beyond will be the hydrogen economy. It will not come from oil at all, and the price of oil will collapse as a result, but by then it will be too late for oil. The days of oil are numbered, and the U.S. government knows this better than anyone  else in the world, because we know more than anybody else in the world  about the alternatives. They were extensively researched in the United States, and many of  these research projects were funded by the Department of Energy of the United States.  Therefore, it is safe to assume  that   George W. Bush, as well as Senator Kerry  know about this too.

RH: Martin Storey us an expert on oil.  What are his views on this?

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