US Politics: John Kerry Goes Duck Hunting

Regarding Senator Kerry's duck hunting, John Heelan said: Kerry knows how to carry a shotgun safely broken. Randy Black disagrees: Mr. Heelan knows only part of the story: Here is a bit more than he was allowed to see in his local media.
(from the Associated Press)
Kerry returned after a two-hour hunting trip wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, but someone else carried the bird he said he shot. ("I'm too lazy," Kerry joked.) Kerry's aides said he spent about two hours hunting at a blind set up in a cornfield. More than two dozen journalists were invited to the farm outside of Youngstown (Ohio) to see Kerry emerge from the field, but none witnessed Kerry taking any shots. (Kerry was joined on his hunting excursion by Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Ohio), Bob Bellino, a board member for Ducks Unlimited, a wetlands conservation group based in Memphis, and Neal Brady, an assistant park manager of Indian Lake State Park. In total, the hunting party bagged four geese. The other three men carried their own dead birds.)


Parenthesis notes quotes from second news source, The Washington Post. And:

And the other side said: If John Kerry thinks the Second Amendment is about photo ops, he's daffy," says the ad the in the Youngstown Vindicator. "If John Kerry wins, hunters lose," concludes the ad, which was paid for by the NRA Political Victory Fund. A spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign called the orchestrated event "another example of John Kerry presenting himself as someone he is not." "It's a fraud," said Steve Schmidt, the Bush spokesman. "He has fought against the interests of gun owners throughout his 20-year Senate career." --ibid.

Finally, Mr. Heelan  praised candidate Kerry for carrying a shotgun the proper way. Again, the photo his local media allowed him to see showed the Kerry hunting party on the way to the duck blind. The second photo that I’ve included herein is the photo on the way in from the hunt. Note that candidate Kerry is doing exactly what Mr. Heelan says in dangerous and prone to cause a hunting accident. Kerry is on the right as you look at this photo of the party still wearing their safety vests. Kerry is the one carrying the shotgun slung over his shoulder.

RH: This story overlooks an international aspect. I suspect that the ducks were Canadian. Philip Huyck reports from Connecticut that large flocks of Canadian geese, instead of flying south to their winter refuge, are settling there,  creating a big mess, since they are messy birds. Nature lovers are fighting attempts to eliminate them.  They should be hunted and given to the poor, who could enjoy a happy Thanksgiving.  Before the turkey, the goose was the meat of feasts, or as the Germans Say "Eine Gute Gebratene Gans"

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