Lessons learned from 3rd Rate Burglaries ...

Daryl DeBell comments on the fraudulent document which was used to discredit Dan Rather: Although it is legitimate to focus some attention on the fraudulent nature of the document that Dan Rather displayed, no one seems to pay much, or any, attention to the interview he had with the old lady who had been the alleged author of those documents. She was, to me at least, a completely reliable and honest witness, and what she said was both direct and unambiguous. She said: first, that the document was phony, that she had never typed it, and second, that what it said was absolutely true. She obviously had a low opinion of young Bush, so that may have warped her memory, but she did appear to be a convincing witness, and she was the general's secretary. Bush's frat-rat manner and generally adolescent devilish attitude combined with his born-again Christianity remain his major asset.

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