Marines in the Media

Glenye Cain writes: Dexter Filkins of the New York Times has been doing some excellent work from Falluja that has shown the military to be made up of individuals, not numbers. GeneraL Sullivan might be interested in this, if he has not already seen it. The New York Times site does require registration (which is free), and if you or he would like me to forward the entire article, I will be happy to e-mail it to either or both of you through the Times e-mail service. The young man who wrote to General Sullivan regarding his crew's experience returning caskets to the United States should take some comfort from this coverage, as well as from the profiles that NPR has been running periodically.

RH: I usually excerpt  long articles because most people do not read more than two screens,  so, if Glenye sends me the article, I will give it the usual treatment, Those who wish to read the whole text should go to the url provided by Glenye.

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