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Cameron Sawyer was disgusted by the irregularities which marred the last presidential elections.  Robert Romeo has  forwarded a long piece by a liberal Democrat from which here are the "KEY POINTS·:

1)   "Black Box" Electronic Voting Machines: The key to it all was the use of electronic voting machines, that produce no paper trail. These were manufactured mainly by the two companies ESS and Diebold. Both of these companies are big supporters of the Republican Party. Walden O'Dell, the owner of Diebold, said in a 2003 fundraising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Similarly, Chuck Hagel, the owner of ESS used his own machines to get elected to the United States Senate in Nebraska. A bill was introduced in the House and Senate to outlaw these machines and require a paper printout of each vote so that they could be verified and/or recounted. The bill was stalled by the Republican Party, led by Senate Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and it was not allowed to come to vote. Shortly after the November 2rd election, countless stories of problems with the machines began to surface. Many people tried to vote for Kerry and said  that when the final confirmation screen came up it said they voted for Bush. In one precinct in Ohio, 4,258 votes were given to Bush where there were only 638 registered voters. Many more stories about the black box voting machines, their problems, and the investigation into their tampering are circulating. <>  is leading the way in the investigation to proving the results were tampered with.

2)      Exit Polls: Exit polls were taken in every state. In those states that had verifiable paper trails for their ballots, the exit polls were virtually the same as the real results. However, in the states where electronic voting machines were used, the exit polls were mysteriously very different from the final reported totals. You can view the exit poll data directly yourself with the link at the bottom of this email

3)      Unusual Results: In the areas where computers were used to cast votes or tally them, some very strange results have surfaced. Here is just one example. In Baker County, Florida, there are 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them regsitered Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans. The vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush. Are we supposed to believe that 5 out of every 7  registered Democrats voted for Bush??? This pattern repeats itself in many Florida counties. You can view all the raw data for every Florida county at the
link at the bottom of this email

4)  Shenanigans: In addition to the electronic voting machines, there was widespread voter intimidation and disenfranchisement on election day. In many Democrat areas, people waited hours to vote, while Republicans "challenged" voters' rights to vote, forcing them to fill out a provisional ballot instead of a real ballot. The provisional ballots were not counted on election day and we may never know how many of them there were, or what rules will be used to qualify them. Flyers were sent to democratic areas with an array of false information on them. People were told their voting precinct had changed, that their voter registration was not valid, or that they would go to jail of they tried to vote. The list of shenanigans goes on and on.  You can see the some of the flyers that were sent out and read about more of the shenanigans at the link at the bottom of this email.

5)  Investigations: This is not conspiracy theory.  This is not heresay.  There is evidence.  There are witnesses. There are investigations underway.  Three Congressmen have sent a letter to the General Accountability Office requesting urgent action and an investigation. Ralph Nader is leading a consumer investigation into voter fraud countrywide, and has already filed an official challenge to the voting results in New Hampshire.  You can read the letter to the GAO and more about Nader's efforts at the link below.

They will call us sore losers.  They will have their lawyers and computer experts, too.  They will refute the evidence.  But the truth is on our side and we will prevail. Here is the link to the information, if you would like to look into the details and become more aware of the biggest story about to break.

What we need now is for the information to get out to more people.  The mainstream media will bury this until it's shoved down their throat.  So please forward this email to your friends and family.  If every person tells three other people, everyone will know before the media decides to wake up.

Gary Beckwith

RH: The biggest use of computers hitherto in elections was in the Brazilian elections some three years ago. Everything reportedly went smoothly, and there were few complaints. Perhaps Aldo da Rosa has precise information on the machines and methods used.

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