Who Didn't Serve in the Military but sends our sons

Based on a serious source, I said "To discredit John Kerry, a photograph has been circulated showing him with Jane Fonda. Actually the photograph was a composite of two individual pictures. The meeting never took place". Randy Black says: You are misinformed. There in fact is a photo of Fonda and Kerry that is authentic, and which I have pasted herein along with the authenticating source.  There was an earlier one that was a fraud, but this other one was clearly real. [RH:??} If you had asked Mr. Levin to provide a source for his obviously slanted and inaccurate claims about who served and who did not, you would have found his source to be a website called awolBush.com which labels news casters such as Bill O’Reilly as Media Whores. The site even claims: Charlton Heston - served in WWII, but went AWOL when Michael Moore asked him some tough questions. I wonder if Michael Moore served in the military?
Mr. Levin offers a very select version of the truth regarding who served or did not. There certainly is no pattern. The obvious flaws in the Internet myth that Mr. Levin provided us includes the false matter of the Clinton military deferment. In fact, Clinton was drafted and in fact took his pre-induction physical, which he passed. He was told to report for military training but missed the reporting date due to the “mail being late.” Thus, he missed his scheduled induction and was able to put into play the matter of requests for special consideration with his draft board, which was advised to put his order in a drawer and forget it. Thereafter, the facts show that his family and influential friends intervened and thus he was able to dodge military duty.
"Clinton received a notice from the Selective Service instructing him to undergo an armed forces physical examination at a U.S. air base near London, which he took (and passed) on 13 January 1969. An Order to Report for Induction from the Garland County Draft Board followed three months later, but because the notice had been sent to England via surface mail, it was late in arriving, and the assigned reporting date had already passed. Clinton had begun another school term by then (the academic year at Oxford consisted of three terms rather than two semesters), and the regulations allowed students who received draft notices to finish out their current terms before reporting, but he would be obligated to report for induction after the end of the spring term unless he found an alternative by his new reporting date of 28 July 1969."
Source: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/politics/clintondraft.asp
Further, Mr. Levin claims “John Kerry: Lt., Navy 1966-70; Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V” without addressing the issue of Kerry’s official military record, aka DD214 which also lists, along with the “Bronze Star with Combat V,” a Silver Star with Combat V. Factually, there is no such award as Silver Star with Combat V and never has there been such an award in any branch of the US military. I went to the Kerry official website and downloaded the PDF file showing the false award…. Further, I have also attached a true photo of Fonda and Kerry, both of who were speakers at a 1970 anti-war rally.
Source: http://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/kerry.asp

RH: I wonder if the vast Clinton Library will settle this argument?

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