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War with Iraq

Russell Bentley writes: "I do not know David Kreiger and have no idea what he looks like, but I have this picture in my mind of Mr. Kreiger returning from Iraq waving a piece of paper and shouting "peace in our time". Peace is and always should be the goal of all men everywhere. Alas, that is not always so. Saddam has told us what he intends to do. We did not take Hitler at his word. We better understand that people who will do the things they have already done will think nothing of escalating to levels that we have not dreamed of in our worst nightmares. I regret to say that that which is now being visited upon Israel will find its way to our shores. Since the time of the Knights Templar the concept of jihad has vanished from Western thought but this is not so of the Moslem faith and it is tragic that we as a country, people and culture do not realise what is coming and are not prepared for what we hopefully will painfully but successfully deal with".

My comment: The comparison between David Krieger and Neville Chamberlain is not quite fair. Chamberlain was essentially a businessman with great political power but little knowledge of international affairs. David Krieger is a scholar with no such power who has devoted his life to the study of disarmament. Many disagree with his policies, but we should all agree that a nuclear conflagration would be a disaster.

As for religions, both Judaism and Islam believe in the Lord of Hosts, whereas Christianity is fundamentally a religion of peace. We must make an effort to understand the Arab position (I did not say Iraqi). Russell and George W. Bush are from Texas. It is not impossible that, if there were a major crisis in the US, the states would assert their now nominal sovereignty. Suppose Mexico said that Texas was once Mexican and proceeded to seize it, expelled many Anglos and used Texas to neutralize the US. Would Russell and George W. support the Mexican position? It is predicted that Texas will have a Mexican majority, so this scenario is not crazy. In judging the Middle East, we must take into account the Arab position. If we do not, we may make a fatal mistake.

Ronald Hilton - 8/5/02