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US: Action against Iraq

Tim Brown disagrees with Tom Moore: "I gather he is convinced that if the US government gives a motive, it cannot possibly be true, so the "real" purpose must therefore be one of only two possible reasons he lists. I think his ideas on what our "real" motive is are both figments of the imaginations of the anti-war, peace at any price set that are supported only by a great deal of noise but not be any evidence. I disagree and believe our motive is what we say it is, keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of a state-sponsor of terrorism who has a demonstrated track record of willingness to use them. To my knowledge, of those who possess WMDs, only Saddam has used them since WWII. Oh, and another fabrication that is presented as if it were absolute fact - his statement that the DOD considers only nuclear weapons as WMDs. For decades the military has classified as Chemical Biological and Radiological CBR, or Nuclear Chemical and Biological NBC weapons. Even my old Guidebook for Marines from the '60s has a section on them".

Ronald Hilton - 2/15/03