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US: Action against Iraq

Christopher Jones asks: "Will the US finally establish the Kurdish state promised to them in the early twenties? Its about time that these downtrodden, gassed people have their own homeland. I have seen only scattered reports from Iraqi Kurdistan and the population is gun-ho America! They've had it with Saddam and his deranged Baathists. But at the same time it looks like the Iranians are developing even more lethal weaponry than Saddam. (In particular missile delivery systems). A collapse of the Iraqi government will leave Iran in a pincer (Afghanistan/Iraq) if the US emerges victorious -- (a question of time more than anything else). Will Bush then move, like Alexander onto Persia?"

RH: On the first question, the US has avoided the issue for fear of antagonizing Turkey. On the second question, probably. After all, the president is named after Saint George, who slew a dragon in that area. St.George is said to have been martyred in Palestine, and he slew the dragon to save a Libyan princess. Can anyone read these tea leaves? Alexander is the great military hero of antiquity, so what better model for Bush. Unfortunately. Alexander's death was inglorious.

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/03