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US: Citizenship acquired through military service

From Moscow Cameron Sawyer writes: "Citizenship acquired through military service is an ancient and honorable tradition which goes back at least to the Romans, if I m not mistaken. What better way to prove worthiness and loyalty to your new homeland than by putting your life on the line? For U.S. military service, would-be immigrants will also have to have good English language skills, as well as other skills and qualities which are excellent precursors to successful life in American society. Perhaps this program could be expanded, while others are being restricted". RH: In the case of Latin American volunteers, their aim is clearly to build a new future in the US. They want to get into the US, for which as yet they have no loyalty. Service in the US armed forces would certainly inspire it in them. Spanish-language TV interviews with them show that many of them are bewildered and have a minimal command of English. They will acquire a knowledge of English and other skills during their period of service.

Ronald Hilton - 4/4/03