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The US, Europe, "High Noon" and the Axis of Evil

WAIS has many interesting members. Marga Jann, an architect who commutes between Paris and Stanford, is a Christian who practices charity...and who has done architectural work for Bin Laden's family!! She writes: "I agree with Mr Woolsey and Mr Bush; evil exists, and fundamentalist Islam IS evil, but its axes are unfortunately not limited to a particular geographical area, and our fearless civil servants are naive if they think so. I speak from direct experience, having been an architect to the Bin Laden family, and watching both moderate and fundamentalist Islam close at hand. Both treat women worse than blacks were treated in pre-Civil War America. Of course Europe will not appreciate such comments; much of Europe is now Muslim, fundamentalist to boot, for one thing. I live in France, and when I was naturalized French this past decade, my name was virtually the only non-Arab/Muslim name out of many thousands of names (of recently naturalized citizens) published in the Journal Official.

A problem with the CIA is its vantage point. And personally, I'm not sure the ends justify the means. The best information is often gleaned from insiders. [Well, the CIA tries to do that.RH]. For another thing, evil isn't limited to fundamentalist Islam (obviously). There are other spiritual phenomena, like Free Masonry, rampant in Europe, which doesn't like to hear evil identified. Evil may have different faces--Hitler, Attila the Hun, Osama Bin Laden, whoever/whatever--but it all boils down to satanic intervention. I am convinced that the very best weapon we have against this kind of thing isn't brute force in the physical/material plane, but prayer. It is this conviction that made America great, and will continue to keep her great. Jane Stanford also made this point, and put a church at the focal point of the campus for very good reasons".

My comment: The commendation of that remarkable woman Jan Stanford is welcome. Stanford specializes in insulting its benefactors, the Stanfords and Herbert Hoover. A recent addition to art at Stanford, "Sexual liberation" is a group statue of two men holding hands. I once remarked that Jane Stanford must be turning over in her grave. The remark was not well received. The target was not so much I as Jane Stanford.

Marga is right that evil is not restricted to a geographical area. Anyone watching American TV might wonder what right we have to make that charge. It reminds us of the pharisee who thanked the Lord for not making him like other men. One happy find: I wondered if I could consult the Bible on line, so I went to Google and typed "Bible". Up came 10 million entries! Fortunately the first was just what I wanted, the Century Bible. I typed "pharisee", and up came a page full of references, so I relied on my memory. There is enough material to write a book on "the Pharisee in the Bible". Someone probably has.

I wish Marga would clarify her remark about "Free Masonry rampant in Europe". Perhaps "brute force" must be combined with prayer to be effective in dealing with terrorism. Marga reflects a peculiar form of French aversion to the policies of President Bush.

Ronald Hilton - 2/26/02