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Intelligence and the need for secrecy

Miles Seeley, who spent his life in intelligence, writes: "The government is caught in a bind over the bin Laden evidence. Most likely the evidence needs to be kept secret because the sources that produced it are still viable and needed. If the intelligence they produced linking bin Laden, to the WTC and Pentagon incidents were made public, the sources would be endangered. In an effort to form a global alliance against the terrorists, however, the government said it had the evidence but would not release it. That naturally leads to frustration for reporters and doubt on the part of many that the evidence exists.

There is no good solution to the problem. Once you say, "We've got this really good and persuasive stuff, but you can't see it," you have left yourself wide open to all the Woodward and Bernstein wannabes and the conspiracy freaks and those who, for good reason or bad, do not trust the government. It is probably best to take the heat and say no more until you can indeed provide the proof".

Ronald Hilton - 11/6/01