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The US, Israel and the Palestinians

Miles Seeley says: "In my opinion, you and General Gard are two-thirds right: the settlements and Jerusalem are the biggest problems. There is one more, and that is the so-called Right of Return, the willingness of Israel to let in the families who fled when Israel was created. It may be another insoluble issue, since estimates are that if most of those eligible returned, Arabs would outnumber Jews in Israel.

It is the enormity of these three issues that made me so pessimistic when I lived in Amman before, during, and after the Six-Day War. Palestinians and Israelis both feel so strongly about them that an acceptable compromise might be out of reach".

My comment: I agree. One problem is that some well-informed Jewish friends of mine deny the expulsion of the Palestinians, or claim that they were well recompensed. I am sure they know better.

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/02