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The US Judicial System: Judge Priscilla Owen

Derek Davis writes: "Priscilla Owen is a victim of pure power politics. As a fellow Texan and fellow Baylor Law School graduate, I sympathize with her and favored her nomination despite my Democratic leanings. While she is clearly conservative, she was not rejected because she is pro-life, which is what the newspapers say; the Senate committee has approved dozens of pro-life judges appointed by Bush. The other suspicion is that she was too pro business--hardly a sin, at least in the pre-Enron days. I am surprised that a bright, female judge was rejected, but my guess is that the Democrats are drawing the battle lines as the 2004 elections draw near, wishing the American people to see that they stand for business reform, individual rights, and will not allow the country to be taken over by "Bush's right-wing ideologues," especially those from Bush's native Texas, where they execute people at the same rate others kill flies and mosquitos".

Ronald Hilton - 9/6/02