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Mexican immigrants

Diana Hull, a population expert, replies to Evelyn Aleman: "Actually George Borjas was, for many years, the leading proponent of the idea that immigrants put more into the economy by paying taxes, than they took out. He was widely quoted on this view by the pro mass immigration cheerleaders. But he stopped being quoted when he changed his mind. The conclusions of the Urban Institute that immigration is a financial benefit to the US is still widely quoted, despite the glaring deficiencies of this research

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington brought to everyone's attention, in a careful analysis of the Urban Institute's results, that this study omitted the cost of educating immigrant children. This was not a minor omission. An immigrant family with three children, (Hispanic Fertility rate is 3.26) causes an expense to local taxpayer of $18,000 a year, figuring the cost of educating each child is about $6,000. The immigrants who pay into the social security system send this money to the federal government.

But in any event, it is virtually impossible for a low wage immigrant family with even two people working to pay for the cost of just educating their children since their average income is about $15,000 a year. And of course the costs of education is just one cost. There is also the cost of medical care, the rest of the social safety net and the wear and tear on existing infrastructure. Balancing the benefits of cheap labor to employers, is the expense to taxpayers and the impact of too many people on the environment and biodiversity".

Ronald Hilton - 6/2/02