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US: The American Empire

Tim Brown disagrees with Adriana Pena: "I always find it fascinating that a favorite current dead horse the political correct dearly love to beat is US "genocide against Indians," while rarely if ever denouncing other countries that did far worse things for far longer to far more native peoples that we ever did, Spain in the Americas being an excellent example. Could it be that the real objective is to denounce the country not the practice? That Indians in the United States were pushed aside and relegated to often squalid conditions on out-of-the-way reservations, and that many were killed, sometimes collectively, during the westward expansion is an historical fact I fully accept. That we should treat them better today is something I also believe. But that the United States had a deliberate national policy of genocide against all Indians is an historical fiction invented by modern political activists pursuing ideological agendas having little or nothing to do with bettering the lot of today's Native American population. That so many others have swallowed this post-modernist rewriting of history without thinking it through, is sad".

RH: Very serious research has been done on the subject, and it is not post-modernist rewriting of history.

Ronald Hilton - 2/14/03