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US troops in the Philippines. Moro terrorists

General Sulliavn says: "As far back as March, 1957 when I was a 2ndLt and deployed to the Philippines, I observed the Philippine Air Force every Friday, loading up and flying P-51 Mustangs out to the jungle and mountainous areas where suspected Huk positions were located. We could actually watch many of the air strikes from our location at Basa Air Field (a Philippine Air Base close to Clark AFB). I returned to the Philippines in "58, '64,'65, '68, '69, '76, '77, and '78 and the same sort of action was going on to curtail the terrorists mainly in the southern islands. So, I disagree with the email that says the Philippine Armed Forces are capable of defeating the terrorists and doing the job alone. I respect the Philippine Armed Forces personnel, but they need the help from some of the modern, high tech capabilities that we have exhibited in Afghanistan to ferret out these elusive terrorists. What the US is sending in small numbers should greatly help their effort to finally rid their country of these killers. By the way, the Republic of the Philippines is one of my favorite countries because the people are so genuinely friendly, hospitable and gentle. It's a beuatiful country from north to south, land and sea. If you've never been to Bagio then you've missed a lovely corner of the world".

Ronald Hilton - 2/24/02