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War with Iraq?

Tom Moore says: "Iraq is no current threat to the United States. Even if it had a nuclear weapon it has no way to deliver it to America. His rockets are not long enough to reach across the ocean. While chemical and biological weapons cause great fear, they actually have never been very effective in practice. So what is the problem. It is unstated. It is the threat to Israel. Especially since Israel has nuclear weapons which inhibit any of the states surrounding it from attacking. But if Iraq has nuclear weapons then Israel cannot use them. Thus a nuclear armed Iraq would neutralize Israel's nuclear arms opening the possibility of another war against the Jewish state. Naturally the Israelis want to have the only such weapons in the region. The real reason that the Administration is planning to attack Iraq is to safeguard the Israeli military position.

I don't think we should do it. Iraq is not going to have nuclear weapons soon and Saddam will not live for ever. It would be very expensive in terms of money, manpower, deaths, and our standing in the world to attack Iraq. Moreover it would result in more terrorist attacks on the U.S".

Ronald Hilton - 8/1/02