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US Politics: (No) beating (around the) Bush

Following Hank Greely's assessment of George W, Bush, I said "I wonder how George W. Bush is viewed around the world?". I am sure there are many conflicting answers. Here is one from John Heelan in the UK. He opens with a quotation: ""An unintelligent buffoon hanging onto Daddy's coattails and supported by Daddy's buddies to do the things Daddy didn't get around to doing?" He continues:

"This is probably unfair, as he seems to be a just a likeable person promoted beyond his competence. But then so was Ronald Reagan, a more likeable buffoon but (as an actor who can learn lines, if not their meaning) he was a good presenter of other peoples' arguments. Clinton was also likeable, but untrustworthy, having been shown to be as big a liar as Nixon.

The problem with being the President of the US is that the scale of the job is so vast that, unless you choose and control your intimate circle wisely, you will always be lampooned by those who dislike the policies your Administrative colleagues adopt without necessarily obtaining your approval. This is the real failing of the Bush Administration. From afar, it seems as if appointment to the Presidential inner circle owes more to being one of Daddy's friends or to being in hock to the more powerful lobbyists. (Unfortunately the "Blair Administration" displays the same attributes, except it is "Tony's Cronies" who form the backbone of the inner circle and big business that determines policies.)

Dubya will be remembered either as the President who started WWIII (Islam v the West) or as a 'nice guy' who presided over an Administration that set back the ideals of the US Constitution by several decades. For the world's sake, let's hope it's the latter".

Ronald Hilton - 9/7/02