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US: The USS Liberty episode

The Hoover Library and Stanford suffered a great loss when Ed Jajko became emeritus. Here is testimony to his archival activity: "I am happy to say that I acquired the papers of Paul Findley relating to his book, They Dare to Speak Out, for the Hoover Institution Archives. Also in the Hoover archives, but not because of me, are the papers of Paul "Pete" McCloskey, who for some years was honorary counsel to the USS Liberty Veterans' Association. Mr. Findley's book contains many a chilling story. I can't recall now if it was in his book or in one of the books by Stephen Green on the relationship between the US and Israel that a story is related of a US government official who was seeking appointment or promotion to a higher level post. He failed in the interview, having expressed sentiments that were opposed to Israel. The author makes the comment that this unnamed American government official was denied a post because of insufficient loyalty to a foreign power. I might add that I got Stephen Green's papers for the Hoover Institution Archives as well".

Ronald Hilton - 5/3/03