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US: The USS Liberty episode

Regarding the Israeli attack on the USS "Liberty", Martin Storey said: "The detailed story of this episode of Israeli-US history is related in the book Assault on the Liberty, by James M. Ennes Jr, Random House, ISBN 0394505123". Ed Jajko comments: "Try going to a book store and ordering Assault on the Liberty, or even going to the Random House web site, The book does not exist. It was issued in 1980 with a copyright date, 1979, but no publication date. Distribution was feeble and interrupted by those who didn't want the book on store shelves. It is still obtainable, but only through the author, James Ennes. See for information on ordering. See also the main web site,, which is maintained by survivors".

RH: This is disgraceful in a country which boasts about its freedom of the press.

Ronald Hilton - 4/27/03