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US: Condoleeza Rice's "Secret Weapon"

WAIS webmaster Steve Margulies "came across this interesting excerpt from an article in Christianity Today on Condoleezza Rice and her religious beliefs.
This gives clarity to her position on President Bush's Middle East policies.

For the full article please see:

"Condoleezza Rice's Secret Weapon How our National Security Adviser finds the strength to defend the free world.

At 47, she is the stern but cautious driver behind America's foreign policy, the first female and the second African American (after Colin Powell) to serve as national security adviser to the president, and a committed Christian who unabashedly talks about her dependence on God.

Being a "deeply religious person" has helped Rice rise to the challenge of serving a nation that has been shaken to its foundations by terrorism and international conflict. And that has meant turning frequently to prayerĐand not the kind laced with a "laundry lists of requests." When she needs "guidance and strength of conviction," says Rice, she often reads Romans 5, "which essentially says, Glory also in tribulation, because tribulation breeds perseverance and perseverance patience, and with patience comes hope. And hope is never disappointed, because of faith in the glory of God."

"When I'm concerned about something, I figure out a plan of action, and then I give it to God," she told Essence magazine earlier this year. "I just ask to be carried through it. God's never failed me yet."

"America will find that she is a wise person," George W. Bush said when he selected Rice in December 2000. "I trust her judgment."

The role of religion in the foreign policy of the Bush administration is of course a much disputed matter.

Ronald Hilton - 09.21.03