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US: Re: Condoleeza Rice's "Secret Weapon"

After reading the posting on the strong Christian beliefs of Condoleezza Rice, from France Christopher Jones comments: "I think WAISers should know that in Europe, Condoleezza Rice is the most unpopular member of the Bush cabinet after Donald Rumsfeld and maybe Dick Cheney. After I read the posting on her firm religious beliefs I can understand the problem. The National Security advisor leaves the whole brimborian in God's hands? Her preferred reading is Romans 5? Coming after that interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is quite frankly one of the most depressing postings I have read in a very long time. Has the US collectively lost its marbles?

I have noticed that some members of the US administration are playing in another historical ballpark from the rest of us, but due to political correctness or a not too secret sympathy for the Bush tax cuts by overpaid TV anchormen, nobody has challenged such utter nonsense as: "Things couldn't go well in Iraq, we still don't have a government set up!" (This came out of the mouth of Colin Powell). How did this illustrious veteran of Vietnam fail to realize that we had a government in South Vietnam and lost the whole damn thing to a lot of bamboo whittling Can-Bo communist cadres?

Did Ms Rice ever hear about those WWI belt buckles on the German infantry that said: "Gott mit Uns" And what about Osama? Isn't he always calling on the faithful to rise up with the help of Allah, the merciful to drive the Infidel from the Moslem holy land? Who does the Bush administration think it is kidding? My favorite comment about such bizarre people came from Helmut Schmidt. When told that a particular political rival was a man with vision and that was what the country needed, Schmidt "der Schnauze" replied, "a man with visions shouldn't be in politics, he belongs in a mental hospital."

Ronald Hilton - 09.21.03