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US/UK Bush's flying circus leaves out only the kitchen sink

John Heelan continues to comment on the commentary about the state visit of President Bush to the UK. I said I was puzzled by the reference to a possible visit by Bush to Sedgefield. John explain that Tony Blair is officially MP representing the Sedgefield constituency.

Presumably that would guarantee that he would have a friendly crowd. Bush said he would like to meet with the families of Britons who had served in Iraq.

John comments: "According to the UK press, many of the bereaved families do not want to meet the President"

According to the US press, some say yes, some say no. I was also puzzled by the remark that Bush will be the first US president to make a state visit to London.

John Heelan commented "The Telegraph is wrong. Woodrow Wilson was the last President to be accorded a "State Visit" with all the royalty pomp and circumstance that implies {that of Clinton was quietly dropped after the Lewinsky affair)".

I am still puzzled. In view of the close relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Reagan, I would have thought that he would be accorded a state visit, with all the bells and whistles.

John explains: "Reagan's June 1982 visit, strangely enough, was not declared a "State visit" although he stayed at Windsor Castle and was given a banquet by the Queen. {Mind you, Maggie also thought she was "queen" at the time!"]"

I have a great respect for Maggie, and I read that after she lost the prime ministry and moved to the House of Lords she greatly enhanced her reputation. John Spoke of the "toxic payload", and I commented "*Presumably a reference to the black box which accompanies Bush everywhere and allows him to launch nuclear missiles".

John says "No... The 'toxic payload' refers to the irreverent nickname given to Bush in some parts of the UK press as the "Toxic Texan" reflecting his denying of the Kyoto Treaty on environmental pollution, his recent relaxation of pollution controls on the US energy industry, as well as his invading Iraq on behalf of his Zionist, oil industry, defense industry and service industry sponsors.

As with anti-Sharon sentiments that not be construed as anti-Semitic, American WAISers should recognise that the forthcoming anti-Bush demonstrations in the UK are just that and not anti-American.

From this exchange we have learned how to read a newspaper article and how to interpret the intentions of demonstrators. I would sooner read a newspaper article.

Ronald Hilton - 11.15.03