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US: Humor or Madness?

Steve Margulies, who knows the Middle East well, writes: "The "Mexifornia DL" cartoon is an outright joke, an obvious "thumbing-of-the-nose" if you will, at the Sacramento Asylum Inmates responsible for this unending stream of lunacy we have to suffer here in California year-in and year-out.

Les Robinson's "quote" is a different matter; it's not about "insensitivity" as Dwight Peterson puts it. I am sick unto death of hearing about the American War on terrorism, 9/11 and Saddam Hussein in the same sentence. It's as if the entire country has lost it's collective ability for logical reasoning.

How is the Administration connecting the dots from 911 to Hussein?
Osama Bin-Laden gave the American's the pasting of their lives and then disappeared off the face of the earth.
Since we can't find Bin-Laden, we go after Hussein in Iraq. Fine.
What's the justification? "WMD". fine.
Where are they? "Can't find 'em". Ok, fine.
New justification: "He may help terrorists."

Now, any action taken by any group in Iraq is labeled a "terrorist action", and American soldiers are dying at a rate of one a day because we had no cognizant entrance plan, and from what I can see, no exit strategy. We do not have the undying gratitude of the Iraqi people, and President Bush is going hat-in-hand to the very leaders he alienated in the first place, begging for help. I do not see, aside from the obscene amounts of cash to be made by corporations run with the help of, until very recently, Dick Cheney, what good this does the world or the US.

I am not against war (neither in deed or action) as a tool-of-last-resorts, but this; this is madness.

My point: Between flim-flam reasoning and religious conviction parading as policy (on both sides) we should be gravely concerned; Today's joke is tomorrow's justification.

Ronald Hilton - 09.28.03