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Re; Mexifornia

From France, Christopher Jones comments on the posting about Victor Hanson and Mexicornia:

"The trend to idealize the cannibalistic Aztecs will almost surely land Cali-Mexi-fornians into a semi Morlock/Eloi state. The Aztecs were bloodthirsty, evil monsters and Hernán Cortés was very brave and courageous to do them the favor of conquering them and then allow the survivors to embrace Spanish civilization (despite its faults). Perhaps the Holy Father might consider canonizing the Conquistador!! This whole posting is yet again, a little like a broken record, the manifestation of the consequences of multiculturalism in the service of low denominator media. Will we ever learn? Is democracy irretrievably damaged where this awful virus has taken hold? Like Hanson, anybody who dares open his mouth against this virus is branded an anti-semite and discarded. I predict that in a not too distant future the Hanson's will have the last laugh".

Ronald Hilton - 09.29.03