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Re: Outsourcing US jobs to India

Christopher Jones replies to Cameron Sawyer: ""New heights of prosperity" Cameron? Did you never hear of the working poor? That's a US term for US jobs. And Russia? Did any WAISer notice some of the comments coming out of Nowoschachtinsk when those poor miners were trapped and later rescued? Apparently those miners had not been paid since last March!.

Is this Cameron idea of globalized prosperity? More and more, it looks like globalized slavery. On the other hand, the media has been very favorable to the incarcerated oligarch Khodorkovsky, pointing to his various good deeds for the poor, setting up of private schools and so on. As for outsourcing to India, I wonder what the poor unemployed of Mexico have to say about that?

Are they too expensive? This is not a "virtuous" cycle where everyone wins. It is a destructive cycle of cannibalism that divides mankind, now even across borders, where only plutocrats win. The idea that an economy the size of the US can abolish lower wage low skill jobs is bizarre and will only reduce GDP probably to around zero. Every citizen has a right to work if not the system of government has failed its electorate and lost its legitimacy and will be eventually outsourced".

Ronald Hilton - 11.03.03