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The US and Israel

Christopher Jones says: "As much as I find Phyllis Gardner's posting (and in particular her rundown of the current government expenditures) commendable and very important, unfortunately, like most Americans, both Democratic and Republican, she forgets to mention the one most important word: Israel.

The utter failure of US foreign policy since the fall of communism which led to the disaster of 9/11 is due to the complete hijacking of US decision making by Israel and the American Jewish lobby. Al Quaida would never have targeted the United states if the US had been more objective in its dealings in the Middle East.

Whether Nixon or Carter or Reagan or Clinton, it's the same old story: divide the Arab world to ensure the preeminence of Israel. All those poorly sized budgets for health and education would look very different if the American taxpayer did not have to bankroll every Likud whim that fleets across the mind of the Neo-Nazi-Zionist-Likud government.

The New YorkTimes article Phyllis attaches seems to insinuate that Israel is a liberal democracy. Since when do you have to declare your religion in a liberal democracy? There is only one country other than Israel where this is required: Iran".

Ronald Hilton - 09.30.03