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Re: The US and Israel

Phyllis Gardner says: "Please let me state for the record that I am for a balanced approach to the Arab/Iraeli conflict. That would mean statehood for the Palestinians and fulfillment of promises for compensation for the land seized in 1947. I disagree with the Bush administration, who initially refused to take part in these critical discussions, and then entered with what appears to be an approach strongly tilted toward Israel. I concur that we have a strong double standard with respect to WMDs and who can possess them. I usually agree with Jimmy Carter with respect to his views and actions on the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Having said all that, I am sometimes concerned by the tone of WAIS e-mails, some of which seem frankly anti-Semitic. I am a Christian (belonging to the same church as Condi Rice), and I am married to a Jewish man. With my husband and two children, I have grown acutely aware of underlying anti-Semitism, realizing that at least the three of them would have the victims of the Nazi regime. It is often not far below the surface of expressed opinions".

This is always a difficult problem. A European may dislike the Bush government, but it would be unfair to say that he is anti-American, although he may be. A person may think that US unqualified support for Israel is the cause of Middle East tensions without being anti-Semitic, but he may be. That support is responsible for the rebirth of anti-Semitism, which was taboo after the war. It is inevitable that the presence of Jews in key positions of the US government will be viewed as an important element in that support.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03