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Re: The US and Israel

From Columbia University, Hank Levin says: "I, a Jew, am also in favor of a balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a state for the Palestinians. I, and a huge number of others in this "Jewish" city demonstrated against the Iraqi invasion. I suspect that in Mr. Jones mind that would make us "communists". To a person, we loathe the views of our "co-religionist" Wolfowitz. It is clear to me that Christopher Jones has a "Jew problem" in the way that he expresses his concerns about the roots of the war. He refuses to recognize that the Jewish community is as much split on present foreign policy as the larger community and asserts a Jewish position because certain Jews are influential in the White House.

There is a problem out there most assuredly, Mr. Jones. My wife, a Spanish Catholic who opposes the war, and I do not see the solution in scapegoating any particular religion as you do. We do see the problem as inherent in the foreign policy of the U.S. and the views of its advocates in the present administration, and we do not seek the religious roots of those who have formulated it as much as opposing the policy itself and those who advocate it. That is what democracy is all about. Blaming a U.S. policy on one race or religion has a history that most good Americans do not wish to repeat".

No one has mentioned Sharon. Peace in the area will be impossible unless he changes his policies, wich is unlikely.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03