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Re: The US and Israel

The US role in the Middle East arouses strong feelings. Here are two responses to Hank Levin's statement. The response from Christopher Jones is deliberately couched in "Americanese".
Posting these messages of course does not indicate approval. That from Christopher Jones, who lives in France, is significant because a lot of French feel the same way.

Miles Seeley says: "Many thanks to Hank Levin for providing a thoughtful and balanced view. Many of my Jewish friends and acquaintances here also seem appalled by Mr. Wolfowicz and the mess he and the other neocons have created. May I add that Condi Rice may not be a "fundamentalist," but she surely is an ardent believer in the Administration's strategy. Her repeated use of the phrase "I don't remember" when answering tough questions is deeply disturbing to me. It has been the excuse put forth all too often by officials trying to cover up the truth".

The folksy response of Christopher Jones is less conciliatory: "I think Hank Levin has missed the point: all his demonstrating and good wishes have not changed a thing in US foreign policy -- since 1948! Your Jewishness makes you ipso facto an Israeli, and Israel is a religious state. Palestinians have scrounged in the dirt for 50+ years because "Jews" think they're the chosen people of God and have a 2000 year old lease on Palestine. Californians are now beginning to feel what it feels like to be a Palestinian. When the Mexicans return and want "Mexifornia" back because it was Mexican territory before 1848. Both Democrats and Republicans have funded Israel: since 1967 to occupy the territories that could be a small Palestinian state. Both Democrats and Republicans have funded the state of Israel to commit murder and break Palestinian bones, demolish homes and take from them every vestige of civilized life -- and if anybody who opens his mouth is a Nazi, a card carrying anti-semite! So nobody would dare do so because Jews of every political persuasion control the press!

Wolfowitz and Perle are at the very least more honest than most: they clearly want an Israeli empire in the Middle East. Contrast that with peace loving Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. Carter's peace accords managed to pry Egypt away from the Arabs -- the greatest coup ever, and the one that damned the Palestianians to even more years in the camps. Hank Levin also writes about a "few" Jews in government. What about the corporations of the US where the real power of the country lies? And the media? I always shake my head: I have a "Jew" problem? Don't understand democracy? Not your democracy, baby. Your "democracy" is so loved around the world that 3000 innocent people had to die in the World Trade Center. Finally, Mr Levin thinks I have a "Jew Problem," No, the world that has a problem with Israel and the US. Ask some of my Jewish friends, but they don't live in the US".

Calm down, everyone!

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03