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Re: The US and Israel

I thank Phyllis Gardner for this statement: "For the record, I deplore anti-Arabism as much as I deplore anti-Semitism. I reiterate my opinion; that the official US policy is heavily (totally) tilted in favor of Israel, which cannot be denied given the large loans to Israel, the failure to stop Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory, the failure to prevent the building of the wall by Israel which is encroaching deeply into Palestinian territory, and in my mind, the condoning of militant raids by Israel against presumed Hamas and PLO militants but also innocent civilians, while at the same time loudly condemning suicide bombings by the Palestinians.

Every time I read about bulldozers crushing houses (sometimes with people inside) and olive orchards, I despair. I find it utterly abhorrent that Israeli legislators called for the death of Arafat, who was duly elected into office. It is our very inaction on these issues that makes me determined to fight for a new administration in Washington (I note that Howard Dean called for a more balanced approach, which drew cries of protest from Lieberman). My husband, who is Jewish, agrees by the way.

I note the New York Times front page article today (10.01.03) reporting on the results of the Bush-appointed commission which found that;

"The United States must drastically increase and overhaul its public relations efforts to salvage its plummeting image among Muslims and Arabs abroad...
Hostility toward America has reached shocking levels...
What is required is not merely tactical adaptation but strategic, and radical, transformation....
The panel warned that the war in Iraq and the intensified conflict in the Middle East had increased anger at the United States...
A process of unilateral disarmament in the weapons of advocacy over the last decade has contributed to widespread hostility toward Americans and left us vulnerable to lethal threats to our interests and our safety" .

This panel, appointed and sanctioned by Bush, was composed of highly educated specialists on the Arab world and led by Edward P. Djerejian, an Arab specialist and former ambassador and White House spokesman. Our policies in the Mideast have not only been morally repugnant in my mind, but they are harming our national security.

There are wheels within wheels. Djerejian is director of the James Baker Institute at Rice University in Houston, Texas, which is closely tied to the oil industry, which must have mixed feelings. It supports Bush, but does not want Arab hatred.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03