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Re: The US and Israel

Christopher Jones says: "Hank Levin's remarks are a first step, but they do not correspond to the realities of the problem, at least from a European vantage point. Mr Wolfowitz is just a detail of history. You could remove him from power tomorrow and the same oppression of the legitimate rights for statehood of the Palestinian people will continue to be trampled under the Israeli jackboot.

All those well intentioned Democrats might try substituting the word Israel for Wolfowitz. Then maybe a change in US foreign policy might occur. Democrats have sanctioned the Israeli occupation of the West bank and Gaza long before the name Wolfowitz ever passed our lips. Pro Israel Jews around the world have abused everyone else with their self-righteous whining about the Holocaust: to the point that now, the murder of gypsies and other victims have officially been relegated to a sub-category, cooking the number of victims in the process and giving rise to the term Shoah business.

I and many in Europe (and some strong minded Jews like Norman Finkelstein for example) would feel that a real change is under way only when Mr Levin and his like minded friends protest against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, stolen in 1967 and demand sanctions against the Jewish state if they continue to flaunt international opinion and deny the Palestinians their basic rights. Siegfried Ramler spoke of "blaming the victim". He obviously never listened to Osama bin Laden's first VHS tape after 9/11 where he clearly stated that the mass murder was perpetrated because of the oppression of the Palestinian people".

Ronald Hilton - 10.02.03