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US: Action against Iraq

Mike Sullivan says: "Phyllis Gardner makes a valid point that many share about increasing the frequency of terrorism if Iraq is attacked. This has been considered by the policy makers and strategists waging the war on terrorism. If new cells start up they will not have 5-10 years to train and plan as the era of the WTC types did. bin Laden's organization has been severely wounded and is trying to regroup. They have lost many of their best trained operators. So far America has not had a major attack since 9/11 (is this luck or skill? I hope it's skill) and terrorists are being pursued relentlessly around the globe. These post-Iraq attack, new volunteer terrorists will have to be trained, funded and moved to the location of their targets. With the combined efforts of the US intelligence communities, FBI, CIA, Border Patrol, Special Forces, the huge, new Homeland Defense organization, the military, law enforcement agencies and like units from the majority of countries around the world it's going to be very difficult, but not impossible, for terrorists to operate as in the past". RH: There are different kinds of terrorism. Some do not require long training.

Ronald Hilton - 2/15/03