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US action against Iraq

Why single out Iraq? Phyllis Gardner asks: "What about Iran, for example? It also used chemical agents in the Iran-Iraq war, and a recent analysis that I forwarded from a highly ranked government advisor (published as an editorial in the NYT) noted that the deaths of the Kurds are more consistent with the chemical agents used by Iran than Iraq--apparently public but little known information. Certainly many other countries have WMDs, including Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea to name a few. And the US has refused to rule out using nuclear weapons in the upcoming war. Why the blinding light on Iraq, besides its strategic positioning in geopolitics and its large oil fields. Surely our willingness to use to WMDs to obtain US advantage in those two sectors is not morally justifiable - nor is the wanton risk to children and civilians and the damage to the Iraqi infrastructure justified without provocation beyond what we have seen. And surely a rush to war will definitely provoke Saddam Hussein to pulling out all stops, unleashing any posessed WMDs on the populace and advancing armies".

RH. Mike Sullivan said the US has always been prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary. My understanding is that the proposed mini nuclear bombs would be used against al-Queda forces hiding in caves in Afghanistan.

Ronald Hilton - 2/23/03