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US action against Iraq

Mike Sullivan answers the question Miles Seeley asked him: "While I often agree with General Sullivan's thoughts, this time I must ask why he thinks the threat of terrorism will be lessened if we get Saddam". Mike replies: " I understand what Miles Seeley is saying: he believes, as many do, that terrorism will rise if we attack Saddam. However, I believe that we and many countries have really put the squelch on terrorist acts since 9/11. Every day we read of arrests of terrorists around the world and it's only a small part of the actual damage being inflicted on their network. My sources tell me they are fighting al Quaida behind the scenes worldwide, 24 hours a day, and it appears to me they are making headway. Who is going to become a terrorist if we attack Iraq? Who will train them? If they're already terrorists, they haven't struck because they've been underground, on the run, or totally out of communication, money and ideas from their leaders. The threat of a lot of "newly acclaimed terrorists" running around in the Arab world flinging Molotov cocktails, shooting up cars and burning American flags isn't going to reverse the actions of attacking Iraq if deemed necessary by the Administration. Does Saddam support Al Quaida? Like Al Quaida, he is on the defensive and would love to cripple us in any way possible. I believe he'd give Al Quaida biological or chemical weapons if he could arrange it and they were capable of employing them. That's why it's so important to disarm Iraq now. War with Iraq will bring more turmoil, instability and demonstrations in the Arab world and possibly other places, but won't generate more terrorist acts of major proportion".

RH: There is an honest difference of opinion here.

Ronald Hilton - 2/3/03