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US: Aid to Israel and the Arab states

Harry Papasotiriou writes: "Confining my data just to "front line" Arab states bordering Israel, in the period 1953 to 1961 Israel received a total of $508 million in US aid, Jordan $291 million and Egypt $302 million. In the period 1962 to 1969 the figures, again in millions of dollars, are for Israel 598, Jordan 316 and Egypt 581. This changed in the early 1970s, when US aid to Egypt dropped to zero, because Nasser moved closer to the Soviet Union. From the later 1970s onwards US aid towards Egypt became high, though lower that the aid to Israel. Cumulative post-1948 aid figures are not useful, given post-war economic growth and inflation (if you use cumulative data over this period, the Marshall Plan appears tiny, even though it came to 1.5% of US GDP). The data from the 1950s and 1960s demonstrate that US policy was not lopsided in favour of Israel. But then leading Arab states backed the wrong horse, i.e. the Soviet Union, and paid the price".

Ronald Hilton - 4/17/03