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US: Aid to other countries

Harry Papasotiriou says: "John Heelan cites a figure of $82-$94 billions for US aid to Israel in the period 1948-2000. He will be surprised, if he adds up US aid to Arab countries over the same period. It is only during the short period of 1967-73, when the Arab world was especially close to the Soviet Union, that US aid in the Middle East was markedly lop-sided in favour of Israel. Indeed, before 1967 the Arab "front-line" states alone received more US aid than Israel". RH: "Aid", really bribes, is very difficult to calculate, since, as in th case of Turkey, it has changed constantly. In 2001, Pakistan earned a $1 billion write-off. Israel has put forward a $12 billion request, in addition to the $3 billion indirect aid it receives every year. Egypt wants a big increase in the $1.3billion in direct aid it received last year. Jordan has asked for $1 billion in direct aid. All this "aid", on top of military expenses, may ruin the US economy. Is any public source keeping tab regularly on foreign aid figures?

Ronald Hilton - 4/15/03