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Alice In Clintonland

    It was Alice's first visit to the United States. Here is a letter written by her to her father, Dean Liddell, the august Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. Remember that she is a naive little girl:

Dear Papa:  
     The United States is a puzzling place. President Clinton is in
some kind of trouble. A fat report by some critic has been published and
reprinted in the press.  I cannot understand it, so I am sending it to you.
You can explain it when I get home. It is really odder than Wonderland; the
Mad Hatter is normal in comparison. I am completely bewildered.  There is
something about Clinton smoking a cigar.  I thought he smoked marijuana.
 I like our parliamentary system of government. Americans are very proud of
their constitution, but they should realize that the parliamentary system
is better. Under it the prime minister would simply have resigned or been
replaced. If he had fought he would have lost a vote of confidence and been
replaced anyway. Parliament would not have been paralyzed. The presidential
system is fine for problem countries like France and the immature countries
of the Americas except for Canada, whose way of life the world admires.
After all it was the Tories who founded Canada. There is hope for the
United States. Spain has adopted the parliamentary system, and it is
functioning admirably there, so there is hope that the United States will
see the light.

  Your loving daughter, Alice.

 Dean Liddell was delighted to hear from Alice.  However,  he was  bewildered by the book, but not as completely nonplussed as Alice. He muttered: "That chap Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.  I have known many of them, and they are an admirable crowd. Thanks heavens Clinton was not at Christ Church.  I would have sent him down. The cad!"

Ronald Hilton - 09/13/98