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What is an American? Mexican Americans

     Proponents of multiculturalism claim that there can be different levels of loyalty. and that loyalty to one's ethnic group is compatible with loyalty to the United States. Our experience in World War II suggests that this is a half-truth. Now a major concern is the fundamental loyalty of Mexicans in the United States.
     A much publicized episode this weekend suggests that the loyalty to Mexico of Mexicans living in northern Mexico is doubtful. When a young man said he was from Mexico City, a gang denounced him as a chilango and beat him up badly. Mexico City commentators were angry, but the question is how widespread this hatred of chilangos and of Mexico City is. Certainly the image of Mexico City, never good, has been greatly damaged by the riots at the National University of Mexico. Perhaps the Mexican Americans are not particularly attached to Mexico, and Mexicans in the border states would like to be Americans. There is no reliable analysis of this.

Ronald Hilton - 11/7/99